Chutney in the Street

Fantastic, interactive street entertainment from Kuljit Bhamra

Enchanting story-telling through a unique blend of songs, dance and audience participation – all cooked up in a spicy mix of soca guitars and percussion.

Chutney in the Street! Is a specially-formed troupe of professional musicians, singers and dancers performing an original piece with new songs inspired by the popular musical style of the Indo-Carribbean communities of Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. The group presents a charming love story of a stranger who (with some audience assistance!) lifts the demon's curse over a lost village and eventually wins the love of the Princess.

Recently commissioned to create a street-theatre piece, Kuljit Bhamra – a virtuosic instrumentalist, highly-skilled improviser and composer, has written hit songs, film scores and West End musicals. He is also a pioneer of the worldwide Bhangra phenomenon – combining traditional Indian rhythms with western instruments and modern recording techniques – thus transforming Punjabi music into a new dance floor sound. For Chutney in the Street! Kuljit hand-picked performers and musicians from past theatre productions that he was involved with including Bombay Dreams and The Far Pavilions.

Chutney in the Street! is a Without Walls Commission supported by X.trax and gratefully acknowledges financial support from the PRS for Music Foundation.